Access Controls

Term Finance Protocol contracts inherit from OpenZeppelin's AccessControlUpgradeable.sol contract, an upgradeable variant of AccessControl.sol. This allows Protocol contracts to define multiple roles, each with access to perform different sets of actions. The table below documents all roles, their multi-signature wallets and modules, and accessible methods assigned within the Protocol.

Role and AddressesContracts and Methods

DEVOPS_ROLE "Ownerless" Gnosis Safe with 24-hour Zodiac Delay Modifier and Zodiac Roles Modifier providing DevOps-Proposer Gnosis Safe (5/9) with an invalidator role

Access to various admin actions for each contract group, documented below:

INITIALIZER_APPROVER_ROLE Setup Approver Gnosis Safe (3/9)


CONTROLLER_ADMIN_ROLE Deploy Tools EOA stored in AWS Parameters managed by AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Signers of the DevOps-Proposer Gnosis Safes and Admin Gnosis Safes are required to abide by the Signer Compliance Policy viewable here.

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